New air decontamination technology

Beewair decomposes molecular structure of viruses, bacteria and mould. Unlike filtration, it produces brand new, clean and healthy air. It has been used for over 6 years to eliminate viruses in hospitals, offices and households all over the world.

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Health, revolutionized

The quality of air we breathe matters. Beewairization is a new, revolutionary method to produce new air instead of just purifying it. It doesn’t leave dirty filters and there’s no need to vacate premises like when using ozone or UVC radiation.

Just like surgeons sterilize their scalpels in lab machines and not dishwashers to protect themselves and their patients, Beewair reliably eliminates all air-borne viruses, bacteria and mould, keeping your office or shop healthy and safe.

99.9999% efficiency

To make sure that a technology protects you against viruses and prevents their reactivation, 99.9% efficiency is simply not enough. The four 9s after the decimal point really matter – Beewair has them, ensuring that the air it decontaminates is truly safe and virus-free.


Beewair does not produce any secondary pollution. In other words, there are no dirty filters or other waste created during its operation. This is because Beewair decontaminates air instead of purifying it, replacing contaminated air with brand new air molecules.

No interruptions, no limitations

Beewair can be operated without interruptions even in fully-occupied premises. Simply place the device in a room or ventilation system and let it take care of the rest.

How it works?

Beewairization is the only available technology capable of turning contaminated air into clean air.

It replicates the natural process of mineralization, decomposing organic molecules into inorganic ones. Contaminants are literally decomposed like puzzle pieces and used as fuel to produce brand new air molecules.


Contaminated air enters the device reactor. Beewair then creates free radicals which decompose molecules of viruses, bacteria and mould.

and mineralization

Decomposed contaminants are naturally stabilized by binding the particles with existing elements. This produces new, clean air molecules.

Clean air

The device emits nothing more than oxygen, water, nitrogen and CO2 – all of which are naturally present in clean, breathable air.


Perfect protection against viruses, biological and chemical contaminants
Eliminates impurities and produces brand new air
No interruptions, very low maintenance


Ozone cleaning

No protection against viruses
Protects only from certain contaminants
Impurities are captured in filters
Kills all living organisms – must be used in vacated premises
High maintenance costs
Needs to be repeated due to re-contamination


No protection against viruses
Impurities are captured in filters
High maintenance costs

Ozone cleaning

Protects only from certain contaminants
Kills all living organisms – must be used in vacated premises
Needs to be repeated due to re-contamination

Take a deep breath

Eliminate viruses, bacteria and mould and protect yourself and your clients, patients and staff.

Get in touch and together we’ll figure out whether Beewair makes sense for your needs.

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You are
what you breathe

To stay healthy, we need high-quality clean food, but also high-quality clean air.

When air is contaminated more than our white blood cells can handle, we are prone to allergies, asthma or even oncological diseases. Clean air is, literally, a matter of survival.

Clean air,
clean planet

If we want to reverse the ongoing environmental crisis, we must eliminate pollution instead of just transferring it elsewhere.

While filtration captures contaminants in a filter, Beewair is 100% clean and does not emit any secondary pollutants. It is the first step towards cleaner air and a cleaner planet.

Future is in the air

Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, Beewair is a perfect solution where air purity and safety matters. This includes hospitals and doctor’s offices, but also production plants, offices and even households.

Hospitals and doctor’s offices

Healthcare facilities must comply with the strictest health criteria, as lives and health of patients and medical staff alike can largely depend on air quality.

Schools and sports facilities

Crowded places face a higher risk of contamination and infection. High-occupancy spaces like schools, hotels or gyms can significantly reduce the risk when air is contaminant-free.

Offices and shops

Everyone should feel safe, including employees and clients. Therefore, protection against contaminants in an office, café or shop is crucial, especially in high-risk periods like epidemics.

Households and small businesses

We spend most of our time at home and at work, which makes air quality especially important in these places, even more so if we share them with others. Beewair can be easily used here, no major investments required.

Well-proven technology

Beewair is not just some spectacular plan for the future. Many of our happy clients have been using it for a long time now, ranging from small businesses to large hospitals. These are just a few of them.

Buy or lease

Beewairization devices can be bought or rented through simple operating lease.


  • Single payment without any additional fees
  • Full support with installation and maintenance
  • Tailor-made & customizable


  • 4-year lease with a possibility to replace or buy the device
  • Standard lease for up to 72 months
  • Optional conditions and installments

Try out Beewair

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Food quality was revolutionized more than 150 years ago with the invention of pasteurization, which significantly increased the average life expectancy. Beewairization is the same revolution for air quality. It was created by French scientist Didier Parzy, whose idea of decontaminating air at the source of pollution eventually evolved into a technology which is now the first step along the road to pollution-free air for everyone on planet Earth.

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Eliminate viruses, bacteria and mould and protect yourself and your clients, patients and staff.

Get in touch and together we'll figure out whether Beewair makes sense for your needs.

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